Fastest Player to Complete the Puzzle Could Win…A New FR-S + Cash… Up To $50K! Or Just Take the Cash!

5 fastest players will all get great prizes and the fastest could Win The FR-S and Cash up to $50K total (Or just take $50K Cash)! Contest limited to only 1000 entries!

Please follow these simple steps…

  • Enter your contact information.
  • Click NEXT, enter your payment information, read and confirm the rules.
  • Click NEXT, then CLICK missing white puzzle piece to start timer and click pieces to complete as-fast-as you can!
  • Click ENTER to complete your entry.

–5 fastest players all get great prizes (can you say GoPro)!

–Fastest player opens envelopes from a set of 40 (each with a prize icon) first 5 matching icons determine the prize… either a GoPro or the FR-S + Cash… totaling $50K (or just $50K cash)!

Note: Only available in the Continental United States. Not available for residents of Arizona, California, Florida and Vermont.

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“Win Your New Is An Awesome Way To Win The Car of Your Dreams!”

Tommy Milner, Corvette Racing Driver, 24 Hours of Le Mans Champion & Win Your New Car Spokesperson

Click here to try the puzzle before you enter

  • Click NEXT (bottom, right), enter your payment information and read and confirm the rules.