Corvettes at Sema

In November the automotive aftermarket heads to Las Vegas to showcase all of their newest wares. We are interested in what your favorite custom Corvette was from all that were showcased.

At the grounds of the Las Vegas Convention Center we spotted about 70 custom Corvettes. Model years ranged from 1958 to modern day Corvette Stingrays. Add-ons ranged from simple wheel and tire packages to high powered rides. Several other competition-ready Corvettes were on display prior to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

As always General Motors brought several SEMA one-offs which include a quartet of Corvettes this year. The group consisted of the wild 1971 Jimmie Johnson C3 modded with a C7 LT1 and other modern amenities. They also showed off a 2014 Stingray styled by KISS front man. The unique car featured a candy red exterior with Midnight Glaze Silver on the roof, rear hatch, spoiler, outside mirrors and front grille. In addition GM showcased 2 stock Corvettes – a Laguna Blue 2015 Z06 convertible and the restored 2009 Blue Devil ZR1.

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