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Who’s up for a 16 cylinder 1000HP Cadillac Concept Car

Watch this Cadillac Sixteen concept car starting up and driving away. This one off car has a legitimate V16 engine (not two V8s bolted together), producing 1,000 horsepower and 1,000 lbs ft. of torque without the use of forced induction. With most engines getting smaller and adding turbo chargers, this normally aspirated 16 cylinder engine is a revelation! You […]

How not to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia

At the time of this unfortunate accident, this now ruined 458 Italia had been loaned to a 26-year-old driver by Colorado supercar tour company Oxotic. It looks like the driver steamed into the bend a little too quickly, then tried to make the corner while braking, with predictable results. The rental company, which uploaded the […]

Porsche reveals a mid-engined 911 (race car)

► Porsche unveils new 911 RSR race car in Los Angeles ► Eschews rear-engined configuration for mid-engined set-up ► Naturally aspirated flat-six develops 503bhp – with restrictors! A new Porsche 911 RSR racer is always a big deal, but the latest RSR is a bigger deal than most – sacrilegiously, it’s mid-engined. To allow for […]


Watch the Corvette Gand Sport Take On the 911 Carrera S… may the best car win! The Corvette Grand Sport essentially combines the Stingray’s naturally aspirated 460-hp V-8 with the Corvette Z06’s handling bits, including the fancy magnetorheological shocks. Meanwhile, the big news with the 911 Carrera S is its new turbocharged six-cylinder. Is the […]

Godzilla or the next GTR?

Rumor Has It The New Nissan GT-R Is Coming in 2018 The current Nissan GT-R is still a monster. With a 545-hp twin-turbo , tenacious all-wheel-drive, and a zero-to-60 time that can dip below three seconds, it earned the “Godzilla” nickname long ago. But it has been on sale in the U.S. since 2008, and […]

Porsche 718 Boxster Annihilates Mercedes-AMG GT & BMW M2

There’s no doubt that Porsche’s new superstar is a feisty little monster. With aggressive looks, a powerful engine, and enough technology to power a spaceship, the Boxster 718 S is a proper sports car through-and-through. This video by Motorsport Magazine is proof of that. The magazine’s staff headed out for a few hot laps at […]

Nissan GT-R Hood FAIL at 180MPH!!!

This 1600+HP GT-R was traveling at 180+mph when the hood decides it is OUT! As you can see in the video, the owner tries using tape to keep the air out from under the hood, but it clearly wasn’t enough. The sheer force of the air at those speeds just RIPPED this hood right off […]

The New Corvette ZR1 May Have A Mid-Engine 750 HP LT5!

We’re hearing from multiple sources, who claim to have close ties to GM, that not only is a mid-engined ZR1 Corvette in the works, it will come with a brand-new supercharged small-block LT5 producing in the neighborhood of 750 horsepower. This would officially dethrone Mopar’s Hellcat as the highest horsepower car sold in America. With […]