Porsche 718 Boxster Annihilates Mercedes-AMG GT & BMW M2


There’s no doubt that Porsche’s new superstar is a feisty little monster. With aggressive looks, a powerful engine, and enough technology to power a spaceship, the Boxster 718 S is a proper sports car through-and-through.

This video by Motorsport Magazine is proof of that. The magazine’s staff headed out for a few hot laps at none other than France’s Magny-Cours world-class race track, which was home to the now defunct French Grand-Prix for decades. In case you’re wondering, Magny-Cours means “royal track.”

Among the fleet of cars being tested was a 718 Boxster S, as well as a Mercedes AMG GT, a new BMW M2, and a 911 (997) GT3. While you’d think that the baby Boxster is out of its league in this roster, you may rethink that once you see the lap times it put down.

Both the Mercedes, BMW, and obviously the GT3 are much more capable and powerful cars, which would lead one to believe they’re much faster. But as we know, all of those advantages may mean nothing on a twisty race track.

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