800bhp Ford Mustang Bullitt!

With a 475bhp 5.0-litre V8, the new Ford Mustang Bullitt isn’t exactly lacking power. Thanks to the Shelby GT350 inlet manifold and bigger throttle bodies, it’s more than powerful enough for most. But not all…

And if you crave more power, Mustang Tuner Steeda has created their own ‘Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang’. A Whipple Supercharger combined with a cold air intake and a ‘performance tune’ delivers 800hp.

Should you go for the supercharger, you’ll need to option a heavy-duty Ford Performance half shaft to ensure nothing goes ‘bang’ when you put your foot down. There’s also a carbonfibre driveshaft available.

Suspension modifications include uprated anti-roll bars, better suspension bushes, an IRS strut brace, new springs and shock absorbers, and much more besides. At each corner, you’ll find a Steeve McQueen Edition 20-inch wheel, wrapped in a Nitto NT555 G2 tyre. The boots measure 275mm in width and the front, and 315mm at the rear.

Along with the wheels, the exterior has been spruced up with retro cool rear three-quarter louvres and an aero-tweaked front end. On the inside, you’ll be treated to illuminated Steve McQueen Edition kick plates, plaques, and branded floor mats.

All this comes with a price and it’s rather steep. The base Bullitt kit costs $20,995, on top of the $47,495 price of a Bullitt Mustang. And that doesn’t include the supercharger – Steeda hasn’t revealed pricing for that yet, but ticking that box is almost certainly going to inflate the$21k substantially. But it’s a great upgrade if you want a unique Mustang!

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